How It Works

Goal: provide enough e-gift card income for every Philly company on our platform to sustain them throughout the COVID-19 closures. 

What we're doing.

Building a single platform at where customers can find Philly businesses offering e-gift cards and those offering discounted e-gift card bundles, a savings of 10%-25% off. The more you buy, the bigger the savings.

Who's behind this??

A Philly-based eCommerce business, Momentary Ink. We're using our resources and team to get loveyourlocal off the ground! We're running quickly, crowdsourcing ideas, and welcoming feedback!

Why we're doing it.

We love our local pizza and ice cream shops - and the people who run them. As a Philly business & community members, we care deeply for the local businesses that call Philly home. Given the possible impact of the pandemic citywide, we felt something like this was desperately needed.  All businesses are struggling right now and we can make a difference.

What's the catch/how does it work?

0 catch, really.  Companies that join our platform (for free) will be able to bundle their gift cards with other local businesses. This will allow one fluid check out for customers who want to buy cards from multiple locations.  Companies that are part of a bundle, will see the immediate revenue minus a fee of 4.9% + $0.30 max to cover transaction and operational fees for us to manage this. As soon as an e-gift card is purchased, we'll send the customer info to the business along with the revenue earned.

We also have a running list of Philly businesses that are selling gift cards so customers can find their favorite businesses even if they haven't signed up for loveyourlocal! 


How do we (the businesses) get paid?

We'll email you the list of individual emails and order amounts to create your e-gift cards. You'll confirm they're created by sending us the list back with the coupon codes attached to which we'll then release payment in the form of PayPal, Venmo, other means, etc.

What if I don't have e-gift cards?

We suggest looking into Square or do it the old-fashioned way: create an email template to send to each customer with a unique code identifier. They then can print that off, pay in-person and you simply catalog on your side. We realize this isn't ideal if you don't already have a way to produce an e-gift card from your current POS system, but we are far from ideal times! Join anyway and we can help you figure it out come fulfillment time! 

I'm a business - how do I join?

Follow this link to sign up your business: